Are you our new Verification Engineer?

Numascale is looking for skilled and dedicated verification engineers who want to be part of our growing team. As a leading player in our industry, we focus on quality and innovation, and we are now seeking individuals who can contribute to our success. We develop large, world-leading, high-performance ASICs. Are you up for the challenge?

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Job description

Numascale has developed and productized several generations cache-coherent node controller ASICs and FPGAs, interfaced with the latest UPI technology from Intel. We are now engaged in the development of memory expanders and switches for the new CXL standard, and we have contributor membership in the CXL consortium. We are currently working with 5-7nm technology nodes.

In this position, your experience will help to shape our verification strategies for the next generations of Numascale’s ASIC and FPGA products, both at chip and module level. Starting from initial specifications, you will plan, execute and analyze the verification of a design until product release, interacting with other world-leading technical teams.

We are looking for several verification engineers for our main office in Oslo, Norway, in addition to a senior verification engineer with 10+ years of experience for our office in Valencia, Spain.

  • Arbeidsgiver: Numascale
  • Stillingstittel: Verification Engineer
  • Frist: As soon as possible
  • Ansettelsesform: Permanent
  • We Offer

  • A world-leading team

    You will get the opportunity to work with and learn from international, world leading technical teams.

  • An exciting growth environment

    A highly motivated, collaborative and learning-driven environment in which we value skill improvement, innovation and quality.

  • Attractive benefits

    Competitive salary, employee ownership scheme, and insurance and pension plan. If you have to relocate, we provide assistance and support packages.

About the Employer

Numascale is a pioneering company at the forefront of high-performance computing (HPC) solutions, committed to pushing the boundaries of parallel processing technology. Specializing in both hardware and software for scalable shared memory systems, Numascale empowers organizations with cutting-edge solutions for data-intensive applications and large-scale simulations. Our innovative technology enables multiple processors to seamlessly share a common memory space, fostering enhanced communication and efficiency in parallel processing. With a dedication to advancing computational capabilities, Numascale is at the heart of driving progress in the realm of high-performance computing. Explore the future of scalable computing with Numascale, where we bridge the gap between performance and innovation.